Pascale Leon
Pascale Leon Reiki Practitioner at Reiki Vitality

Under his guidance, I learned about this fantastic method of healing that can truly save lives. In order to diversify and have a more in-depth knowledge about Reiki, I completed my education with Yuko Kubota, another reputable Master in Tokyo. 


   Upon my return to New York, I opened my practice using exactly the same precepts and principles, as those that were transmitted to me in Japan. The Reiki I perform preserves the integrity of this long-established Japanese tradition by respecting its roots.

   Both my partner and I are in the fifth position in the lineage of the founder Mikao Usui, who discovered Reiki in early 1920.  


   One of my goals is to carry forward Reiki's authenticity because I want my clients to be able to benefit from an invigorating technique that has been proven successful through years of  Asian alternative medicine.

   There is nothing more rewarding to me than seeing my clients blossom into much happier and healthier human beings, after just a few sessions.


   Reiki has brought me so much joy throughout the development of my program that I am thrilled to visualize the future, as we work together to combine my competence and passion with your desire to live a life full of energy and vitality.



   The admirable strength of character that my father displayed when all the odds were against him to overcome his stubborn disease, made me understand that a positive mental attitude can be half of the cure. Impressed by his unexpected survival (he is now 82), I then pledged that I would make a difference in people's existence by providing them with transformative experiences.


   I was on a mission to find a method that could promote confidence from within, creating a healthier body and mind. 

Like the free spirit that I am, I looked for something that remained unattached to any religion, and more importantly, something that was completely genuine. 

It was during my travels to Japan that I first heard about Reiki; I was a guest at a friend's dinner party when I unexpectedly encountered the renowned Japanese Sensei, Tadeo Yamaguchi. Following my conversations with him, I decided to join him in Kyoto as his trainee.


    When I was young, I watched my father battle a serious illness for eight years, which allowed me to realize that health is absolutely everything. 

Pascale Leon from Reiki Vitality
Pascale Leon receiving her Japanese diploma from Sensei Tadao Yamaguchi in Kyoto
Joseph Stein Animal Reiki practitioner at Reiki Vitality
Joseph Stein Animal Reiki practitioner at Reiki Vitality

 Nowadays, it is fashionable to create incredible stories to sell a product on the Internet but with a basic common sense, it is easy to detect the lack of credibility of these modern fables.

     Nowadays, it is fashionable to create incredible stories to sell a product on the Internet but with a basic common sense, it is easy to detect the lack of credibility of these modern fables.

Unfortunately, some Reiki websites are using misrepresentation to attract patients. You even find Reiki associated with occult sciences or any other variations related to the paranormal.

   Authentic Reiki, which was taught to me by a Master in the direct lineage of the founder Mikao Usui, comes from Japan. Reiki takes roots in Kyoto -Mont Kurama- and does not claim in any way a supernatural process.

   Reiki is a simple alternative medicine, very simple, which does not require any recourse to paranormal activity to justify and prove its effectiveness.

   For me, it was around the age of fifteen that I discovered my ability to channel energy. Thanks to my father, who, in addition to his work with high responsibilities in a big corporation, was a dowser during his spare time, With him, I discovered that I too could locate a phreatic zone below a water table in using simple hazel sticks.

   After my father's death, I often wondered how I could put into service my ability to channel energy. I felt that I had to develop my aptitude for detecting and using energy vibes to help others.

   Pursuing this quest, it was not long before I discovered Reiki.

   It is, therefore, going back to the source, no pun attended, that I decided to travel to Japan to learn and receive my certifications.

  By practicing Jikiden Reiki on a daily basis on my patients, I noticed that meanwhile my dog, now 14 years old, was benefiting as well from the powerful healing effects of the Reiki. I then decided to add animal care to my practice.

   Animals instinctively recognized the might of the practitioner soft and reassuring touch. They are able to sense the curative energy that we are conveying toward them in order to help them feel better. I specialized in domesticated pets like cats and dogs and I can assure you that when it comes to Reiki, animals have a tendency to be very docile. It is an amazing feeling to watch them showing appreciation through their eyes.

Joseph Stein from Reiki Vitality
Joseph Stein receiving his Japanese diploma from  Sensei Tadao Yamaguchi in Kyoto


Lineage of Reiki Vitality practitioners
   臼井甕男 -    Mikao Usui    1865, Aug 15-1926, Mar 9.

 Founder of Reiki.

   After a long search of obtaining "the state of complete peace of mind", he had reached the enlightenment of the healing ability in 1922. It was the beginning of "Shin Shin Kaizen Usui Reiki Ryoho". 

   During his lifetime, he taught Reiki to over 2000 people and 20 of these students reached the Shinpiden level.

   One of them is Hayashi Chujiro.

Lineage of Reiki Vitality practitioners
   林忠次郎 -    Chijiro Hayashi   1879, Sep 15 - 1940, May 11.

   A disciple of Mikao Usui. Became Shihan in 1925. As a former naval physician, he employed Reiki to treat his patients. He made his branch, "Hayashi Reiki Kenkyu-kai" at his master Usui's suggestion, but kept the way of teaching as "Usui Reiki Ryoho". He played a major role in bringing Reiki oversea by teaching Mrs. Hawayo Takata, the grandmother of Western Reiki.

Lineage of Reiki Vitality practitioners

    Learned Usui Reiki Ryoho from Chujiro Hayashi in 1938. Since then, she practiced Reiki on a daily basis with her relatives and friends for 65 years. In 1995, she realized Reiki had spread to the world for the first time. In 1999, she established the Jikiden Reiki Institute with her son, Tadao Yamaguchi, and taught Reiki in the same way she had been taught, based on the old materials, notes, photos, and memories.

Founder of Jikiden Reiki Institute.

     Tadao had been received Reiki before his birth and received his first Reiju (attunement) at the age of 5.

    He started to help to do Reiki for his mother's clients at the of 15. He started to research more about many other healing method include religious healings from the age of 18. In 1995, he had met Western Reiki for the first time and in 1999, he established the Jikiden Reiki Institute with his mother, Chiyoko Yamaguchi.

He has continued to teach Jikiden Reiki in Japan and also over 10 other countries.

Pascale Leon student of Sensei Tadao Yamaguchi
Joseph Stein, student of Sensei Tadao Yamaguchi

   Pascale Leon and Joseph Stein have learned original Reiki from Sensei Tadao Yamaguchi. Without any Western influence, they both embody the spirit of Jikiden Reiki most genuinely, as its founder Mikao Usui has created it.   

   Pascale and Joseph have respectively been given their attunement at the Jikiden Reiki teaching Center in Kyoto.  To better practice and understand Reiki, they couldn't conceive to study Reiki without getting to the roots and philosophy of this powerful healing method.

   To be deeply imbued with the use of Reiki, Pascale and Joseph commit every year to return in Kyoto to meet in private their Sensei (Master) Tadao Yamaguchi, to expand further more their knowledge and the essence of a particular form of wisdom that Reiki provides.