Pascale Leon
Pascale Leon
Pascale Leon Reiki Practitioner at Reiki Vitality

     When I was young, I watched my father battle a serious illness for eight years, which allowed me to realize that health is absolutely everything. 


   The admirable strength of character that my father displayed when all the odds were against him to overcome his stubborn disease, made me understand that a positive mental attitude can be half of the cure. Impressed by his unexpected survival (he is now 82), I then pledged that I would make a difference in people's existence by providing them with transformative experiences.


   I was on a mission to find a method that could promote confidence from within, creating a healthier body and mind. 

Like the free spirit that I am, I looked for something that remained unattached to any religion, and more importantly, something that was completely genuine. 

It was during my travels to Japan that I first heard about Reiki; I was a guest at a friend's dinner party when I unexpectedly encountered the renowned Japanese Sensei, Tadeo Yamaguchi. Following my conversations with him, I decided to join him in Kyoto as his trainee.


Under his guidance, I learned about this fantastic method of healing that can truly save lives. In order to diversify and have a more in-depth knowledge about Reiki, I completed my education with Yuko Kubota, another reputable Master in Tokyo. 


   Upon my return to New York, I opened my practice using exactly the same precepts and principles, as those that were transmitted to me in Japan. The Reiki I perform preserves the integrity of this long-established Japanese tradition by respecting its roots.

   Both my partner and I are in the fifth position in the lineage of the founder Mikao Usui, who discovered Reiki in early 1920.  


   One of my goals is to carry forward Reiki's authenticity because I want my clients to be able to benefit from an invigorating technique that has been proven successful through years of  Asian alternative medicine.

   There is nothing more rewarding to me than seeing my clients blossom into much happier and healthier human beings, after just a few sessions.


   Reiki has brought me so much joy throughout the development of my program that I am thrilled to visualize the future, as we work together to combine my competence and passion with your desire to live a life full of energy and vitality.