Joseph Stein
Joseph Stein Animal Reiki practitioner at Reiki Vitality
Joseph Stein Animal Reiki practitioner at Reiki Vitality

     Nowadays, it is fashionable to create incredible stories to sell a product on the Internet but with a basic common sense, it is easy to detect the lack of credibility of these modern fables.

Unfortunately, some Reiki websites are using misrepresentation to attract patients. You even find Reiki associated with occult sciences or any other variations related to the paranormal.

   Authentic Reiki, which was taught to me by a Master in the direct lineage of the founder Mikao Usui, comes from Japan. Reiki takes roots in Kyoto -Mont Kurama- and does not claim in any way a supernatural process.

   Reiki is a simple alternative medicine, very simple, which does not require any recourse to paranormal activity to justify and prove its effectiveness.

   For me, it was around the age of fifteen that I discovered my ability to channel energy. Thanks to my father, who, in addition to his work with high responsibilities in a big corporation, was a dowser during his spare time, With him, I discovered that I too could locate a phreatic zone below a water table in using simple hazel sticks.

   After my father's death, I often wondered how I could put into service my ability to channel energy. I felt that I had to develop my aptitude for detecting and using energy vibes to help others.

   Pursuing this quest, it was not long before I discovered Reiki.

   It is, therefore, going back to the source, no pun attended, that I decided to travel to Japan to learn and receive my certifications.

  By practicing Jikiden Reiki on a daily basis on my patients, I noticed that meanwhile my dog, now 14 years old, was benefiting as well from the powerful healing effects of the Reiki. I then decided to add animal care to my practice.

   Animals instinctively recognized the might of the practitioner soft and reassuring touch. They are able to sense the curative energy that we are conveying toward them in order to help them feel better. I specialized in domesticated pets like cats and dogs and I can assure you that when it comes to Reiki, animals have a tendency to be very docile. It is an amazing feeling to watch them showing appreciation through their eyes.