The Real History of REIKI

Mount Kurama in Japan with Reiki Vitality

   While finishing his studies at a traditional Japanese Tendai Buddhist Monastery, young Mikao Usui, the originator of Reiki, realized after a great deal of profound thought and reflexion that he wanted to attain the ultimate purpose of life "An-Jin-Ryu-Mei” or the state of complete peace of mind.


   His Zen master of many years recommended that he leaves everything behind him and start his quest of finding the real purpose of life.


   Mikao Usui decided to hide in a mountain retreat on Mount Kurama just outside of Kyoto and began fasting. After 21days of staying still and not eating, a powerful jolt struck his brain, and he fainted. 


  When Mikao Usui recovered consciousness, he felt amazingly refreshed as the cosmic energy was resonating with his own.

 He then knew that he had finally achieved the enlightenment that he had pursued for so long.

     On his way down the mountain, he injured himself hurting his toe over her rock. Instinctively, he laid his hands on his foot. The bleeding and the pain stopped simultaneously. 


   Mikao Usui knew then he had the capability of healing. Upon his return home, he started to use his ability to help his relatives.


   Usui Reiki Therapy for the Improvement of Body and Mind was born.