"Enkaku" Distance  Reiki

   When it comes to distant healing, it is absolutely normal to be skeptical at first.

   The human tendency is to demand to know before believing without conditions.

Even the most advanced Quantum physicists cannot explain yet the wonders of energy even if the often witness the effect of it.

   Many studies have been conducted on distant healing and most of them shown that consciousness is “non-local” which means not confinable to the here-and-now or any specific points in space. Space and time are bound together by the laws of physics.

    When a practitioner does Reiki distance, he or she is using the driving force of energy (Chi, Qi or Prana), and he or she is experiencing a type of mental state that can be described as a union with the “Universal mind”.

   Distance Reiki relies on the power of intention, the belief, and skills of the healer who uses the specific “distance symbol”  to channel energy for the healing benefit of others.