Saturday, January 20, 2018

From stress to distress, there is only one step.

Stress, a term now largely anglicized, originates from the word "destress" in ancient French. This scourge, too widespread nowadays, requires special attention if we try to reduce it or to make it disappear. So it is this "distress", which biologically represents all the responses of our Organization when it is subjected to pressure from its environment, which we will be interested in today.

Like a great predator, stress happens most often without war...

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January 20, 2018

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“Real generosity towards the future lies in giving all to the present.”


                                                                                                      Albert Camus



   At Reiki Vitality we believe that generosity is the essence of Reiki and that everyone has a skill or experience from which someone else can benefit. In our case, we want to “hand out”, no pun attended, the spirit of Reiki to the greater number of people possible.


   The main reason why we decided to learn the healing power of energy was to be able to bring comfort to anyone who is struggling with health issues. This strong desire came from a place of altruism and we did not forget it.


   At Reiki Vitality, we wish to devote some of our time and expertise to help people who, for example, are about to go under a surgery at the hospital. We go there to provide a certain level of relaxation in order to reduce their anxiety.  A session helps the patient to let go of the fear and to see some positive outcome which will be only beneficial for his or her recovery. 

   We also want to concentrate our efforts to bring Reiki to nursing homes. The elderly generally suffer from a lot of different discomforts due to the aging process. By making the universal energy flow wherever it is needed through a gentle and reassuring touch, older people feel rejuvenated and happier.  

  When you receive such a gift as the capability of healing, you feel the urge to put it to the service of your community. In doing so, we are just following the steps of Mikao Usui who did so much for the people of Japan and who had a strong aspiration to spread Reiki in the world!