Animal Reiki 

 We Love our Best Friends

Animal Reiki at Reiki Vitality Manhattan NYC with Joseph Stein

     As we consider our pets as members of the family, we care about them and we become anxious when their health gets affected. Our first reaction is to visit the veterinarian who will prescribe some medicine or suggest that our cat or dog go under a surgery. But what if others options could bring some improvement to their well being with a non-invasive treatment?


   When it comes to helping our pet, as Ty Bollinger says in his amazing video series:  “The truth about pet cancer”, the question shouldn’t be based upon what is holistic versus what is traditional but the criteria should be: what is best for my pet?

Reiki is a powerful way to support balance and healing for all conditions. Whatever situation your dog or cat are facing, with Reiki you never have to feel powerless again!


   Of course, when it comes to an animal the way you approach them is key. At Reiki Vitality, we believe that they have the right to say “yes” or “no” as well as leading the way to show us how they want to receive the treatment. For example, some animals want to remain standing on their four legs, some prefer to sit, others lay down in a very relaxed position. Whatever they choose, the effect will be the same. The energy of Reiki always flows where it is needed. Finding the cause of illness is often done through Reiki scanning, also known as medical intuitive scans.


         How can Reiki treatments benefit the animals?


                Soothing and calming highly stressed pets


                Help to alleviate lethargy and depression


                Provides comfort and relief from pain, fear or anxiety. Creates a place of peace and safety


                Accelerates the healing of post-surgical trauma, wounds, breaks, and sprains


                 Helps with transitional time moving houses, loss of familiar figure, etc


                 Provides relief from the effects of arthritis, rheumatism and other similar conditions

                 Safe to use with any other treatment, Rx’s, remedy’s and protocols


                 Energizing and revitalizing an older animal, Rx’s, remedy’s and protocols



      Reiki for animals is essentially used to promote the pet’s own healing and a sense of well being.


   By offering our companions the healing process of Animal Reiki, we give something back to them

for all the love they give us all the time.